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So.... Anyone Still Around?

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#1 Granger


Posted 21 July 2019 - 10:53 PM

Whassup buttheads? Upgrading my PC and had to go through the HD to decide if it all had to come with. It DOES. Good times my bros.


If you ever speak to Joe Lost, tell him to get in touch because I OWE HIM MONEY AND I HATE OWING PEOPLE I LIKE MONEY!


Much hugs



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#2 keacte


Posted 22 July 2019 - 12:21 PM

Hey Granger!

Long time bid!

I'm still lurking! ;)

If you want to get in contact with Joe - hop on our discord server here > https://discord.gg/78CS3Aa- he is in FUN inc now!

What's FUN inc you say? - well ...come and find out! ;)

#3 GodTop

  • Pip

Posted 31 July 2019 - 09:59 PM

Im still here, a little tipsy but I think that makes it more fun I hope tomorrow goes well for you - it all sounds really exciting and very much like something Id love to do.

#4 Rocinantae


Posted 01 August 2019 - 01:18 AM

Still here. Still the same old dork, filthy casual ive always been. "Summers going fast, nights getting colder, children growing up, old friends getting older, experience slips away..." There's some Rush to uphold my dorkiness. I'm actually having a lot of fun in Eve for once. Had a lot of stress when the family was growing up and it spilled over into a lot of things. Id probably poke the bear and try to join up with Keacte but I enjoy huge fleets, lazy 0.0 pve (you'll never catch me haha), and the theatre that is large alliance mumble. Still its awesome seeing old friends in game having fun. Plus I have Kothar and Luna in Horde to annoy. Fun times indeed.