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[13 Dec 21:00] Agony Public Roam (NPSI) - Cruisers Unleashed

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#1 chlummor


Posted 06 December 2014 - 01:01 AM

Hey here is the information for our December NPSI fleet!


Staging system: Stacmon V - Impro Factory

Low Sec staging for pirate bros: Dastryns VIII - Moon 17 - Federal Administration Bureau Offices


Start time (eve time): 21:00

Date: December 13th

  • Shield cruisers (Long range with an MWD)
  • Shield Logi (Osprey or Scythe)
  • Any kind of tackle/support frigates if you aren’t able to fly a cruiser (Maulus, Merlin, etc)

Check out this document for some suggested fits


Recommended Reships: 2

Comms: Teamspeak 3

  •     Teamspeak 3 Address: AgonyUnleashed.typefrag.com:4360   Password: stopsucking
  •     Please connect with your in-game name

Fleet invite: Roughly 20 minutes before the start time we will start asking for X’s in our public chat and start sending out invites


About us

Agony is a Nullsec PVP corp formed in 2006 with a strong emphasis on small gang pvp. Outside of our day to day corp operations we run a PVP University side project that has helped train thousands of students.

Check out our website http://www.agony-unleashed.com for news regarding upcoming classes and recruitment.

If you are interested in more information regarding Agony, or general PVP check out our Wiki page!






We will be roaming in both Low-sec and Null-sec looking for anything to shoot!

Plan on the roam running for at least 2 hours and even more should we have the numbers to continue. Last roam we were out and about for 4 hours and had a great time.

We want this to be a fun environment for both parties so bring a good attitude and be ready for some pew!



What we offer

  • A chance to fly and die in a glorious fire with your fellow EVE players

  • Agony style recon reports

  • Experienced FC’s

  • Agony Teamspeak (TS3)

  • NPSI environment

What we want from you

  • Ready with a doctrine ship

  • A reasonable amount of comms discipline

  • A willingness to die in a fire

  • A few hours of your time

  • One or two reships would be helpful!

  • No posting smack in local, this is an Agony rule: The only thing allowed will be “gf” or other cordial things, no smack, no trash, etc.

If you have any questions please contact via in game conversation or EVE mail:



If we are not available and it is urgent, please hop in the Agony Public channel “Agony Public” in game and feel free to ask for an Agony member to answer questions.

We will also have an active thread within our “Public” section on our forum where we will actively respond to any questions regarding the roam!

In addition join our mailing list “AGONY PVP UNI” where we will send information regards our next roam and classes!

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#2 Xillero


Posted 14 December 2014 - 02:48 PM


Form up was super easy again with most people joining fleet before designated time of 21:00, we left Stacmon at around 21:15 with 70 in fleet which is another awesome turnout. Our initial route took us into Eastern Syndicate, where apparently no one lives anymore (RIP Syndi), had a few ganks along the way to FD- area. However when we hit X-B/FD- we had multiple small frig gangs run into us (CAS and Nova Prime), didn't even have to chase them around, a bit of gate splitting and we managed to kill a good number of them on both sides of the gate. 

Killboards are far from being updated, and I'll continue to post our public board. Ours shows 4 kills in X-B, but I'm pretty sure total tally was 3 or 4 in FD- and 6 or 8 in X-B.


We continued to move along rather quickly running into the standard Vega camp in 8V on the K5 gate, they had a 20ish man kitchen sink fleet and quickly ran away from us except for this poor Vengeance. After cleansing the gate of all cans and bubbles we moved on.


I was hoping that taking this fleet through Vestouve would elicit some sort of response from TISHU, but alas we did not. However we did manged to grab a couple BCs in Eugales, which were definitely not expecting 60 odd cruisers entering system to kill them.


After dropping some people off at Stacmon we continued on into low sec hoping to find some sort of fight, as until now the fleet had been mostly just ganks and cleansing Syndicate of bubbles. Found a skiff chilling in Ostingale off gate which died pretty terribly, we think he was going to try and loot some wrecks from the RvB ganked fight earlier. A while later we ran into a smallish E-UNI fleet and managed to grab a few before they fled before us.


Lastly we headed towards Tama and in Nisuwa found a Bohica Empire Ishtar gang that wanted to fight us, at this point we were down to about 45 in fleet, with 7 tackle, 6 or so logi, and rest dps/ecm. Ishtar fleet was 20 with 3 logi 2 recon, rest dps. We traded most of our tackle and some of our ewar for a few Ishtars/token VNI, and their bait/cyno Myrm. Was an excellent fight to cap off the evening and thanks to BE for taking a fight where you were vastly outnumbered, GF 10/10. 


Again thanks to everyone that came out to fly with us, was a great fleet (sorry for the distinct lack of fights for the first hour or so icon_e_sad.gif ) and an excellent turnout. We will be running another one in January so keep an eye open for when we announce it! Ship types are yet to be determined, but it will probably be some sort of T1 cruiser gang as a heads up. 

If you have any questions about our public roams or Agony itself feel free to chat us up in our "Agony Public" channel or convo any Agony members directly!

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