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[22 Nov 21:00] Agony Public Roam (NPSI) - Dessies Unleashed

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#1 Xillero


Posted 16 November 2014 - 07:05 PM

Agony NPSI (not purple shoot it) Public Roam
First Roam
Staging System: Stacmon P5 M9 Station
Start time (eve time): 21:00

Date: November 22nd
Ship Types: Shield Destroyers (Long range, Arty, Rail, Light Missile, Beams)
(Shield logi is optional, Bursts are welcome!)
Recommended Reships: 2
Comms: Teamspeak 3
Teamspeak 3 Address: AgonyUnleashed.typefrag.com
Password: stopsucking
Please connect with you ingame name
Fleet Invite: Once on coms please “x” up in our public channel (“Agony Public”) in order to receive a fleet invite
About us
Agony is a Nullsec PVP corp formed in 2006 with a strong emphasis on small gang pvp. Outside of our day to day corp operations we run a PVP University side project on a regular basis that has helped train thousands of students. 
Check out our website http://www.agony-unleashed.com for news on upcoming classes and recruitment.
If you are interested in more information regarding Agony, or general PVP check out our Wiki page!
This is a new concept for Agony, we have not run public roams that are not directly associated with an Agony run class. Provided this goes well (or even if it doesn’t) our aim is to make this a monthly occurrence and would love to have feedback on what we can improve upon, or make changes to make this an easier process after the fleet has concluded. We want this to be a fun environment for both parties!
We will be roaming in both Low-sec and Null-sec looking for anything to shoot!
Roam will be at least 2 hours in length, if we have continued success then it may go longer, depending upon the circumstances.
What we offer

  • A chance to fly and die in a glorious fire with your fellow EVE players
  • Agony style recon reports
  • Experienced FC’s
  • Agony Teamspeak (TS3)
  • NPSI environment

What we want from you

  • Ready with a doctrine ship
  • A reasonable amount of coms discipline
  • A willingness to die in a fire
  • A few hours of your time
  • One or two reships would be helpful!
  • No posting smack in local, this is an Agony rule: The only thing allowed will be “gf” or other cordial things, no smack, no trash, etc.



If you have any questions please contact via in game conversation or EVE mail:
If we are not available and it is urgent, please hop in the Agony Public channel “Agony Public” in game and feel free to ask for an Agony member to answer questions.
We will also have an active thread within our “Public” section on our forum where we will actively respond to any questions regarding the roam!
In addition join our mailing list “AGONY PVP UNI” where we will send information regarding our next roam as well as the suggested fits.

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(Had to, couldn't help myself)

#2 Greygal


Posted 17 November 2014 - 01:13 AM

Greygal - Greygal (RILED)


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Redemption Road - Free Public Roams and Other Events!

Public Chat: Redemption Road - Mailing List: Redemption Roams

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#3 Druur


Posted 17 November 2014 - 01:24 AM

That is awesome!


There will be competition from Ganked, but for people who look for small gang roams (less than 100 people) on a Saturday, this could be just what they need. I know Agony roams, and I know the potential behind them - you may need some stubbornness to not just run this first roam, but also the next couple of ones even if there is low turnout initially.


And I suggest to reach out to the other NPSI-oriented communities for cross-promotion - the NPSI folks are in it for the fights, and are happy to welcome anybody who can deliver on bringing those fights. It could be a way to make Agony a well-known name again (and to be blunt: Agony has to work on regaining that status).


tl;dr: You have my destroyer. What are we waiting for?

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Greygal> I am getting bored. Let’s do this.

#4 Sebastian Thielman

Sebastian Thielman
  • PipPip

Posted 17 November 2014 - 02:28 AM

I'm not sure if I'll be home in time for this, but if I am, I will be there.

#5 Jeff Geoff

Jeff Geoff
  • Pip

Posted 18 November 2014 - 08:10 PM

I'll be there - looking forward to flying with you guys again!

#6 OvTopik

  • Pip

Posted 21 November 2014 - 04:43 PM

Looking foreword to it!

Out of interest: Why Burst not Bantam?

And is there a link to a recommended fit?

#7 chlummor


Posted 21 November 2014 - 05:34 PM

Bursts > Bantams mainly for their speed, but seeing as Bantams will be going a decent amount quicker than the rest of the fleet anyway I'm sure they will also do just fine :)



As for the burst fit  have used this fit previously




It is cap stable while running everything but the invul so you really only want to turn that on when you are being shot at

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