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[FEEDBACK] HERO Coalition private PVP Basic

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#1 Sonmi Anninen

Sonmi Anninen

Posted 30 June 2014 - 06:22 AM

This weekend we held a private PVP Basic class for members of HERO, sponsored by the Brave Dojo.  As we did not do a normal sign-up thread, I have used the members of fleet to create the graduate list.  That's included at the bottom of this post, and you're all now considered graduates of PVP Basic, letting you sign up for other classes and come on any future PVP Basic roams as alumni.  If I didn't get your name and you were there, shoot me a private message on this forum (or an Eve-mail) and we'll get things sorted out.  


Our roam was ably FC'd by Wulfrunner, and we left from BNI's former home in Rahadalon and went straight for Providence.  The locals were good to us and provided targets immediately.  We started by breaking up a gatecamp in Y-MPWL.  We caught a Talos and Hurricane on the in-gate from D-61, and then moved over to the guys camping a bubble farm on the Kari gate.  We killed some assorted ships around that gate (in particular this Navy Drake that died sitting on a gate to high-sec knowing 100 of us were in local).  The locals re-shipped into bombers and tried, without much success, to bomb us.  They largely succeeded in donating bombers to us.  Overall kills are here:




We continued our roam through Provi and found a gang of approximately 10 Caracals and 3 Scythes.  One Scythe seemed to get confused and hopped into our gang.  We caught the rest in the neighboring system and grabbed the other two Scythes and three Caracals.  


Feeling like we had worn out our welcome, we started making our way to V-3 where we had heard there was a Phantasm gang looking for a fight.  Along the way we had a group of 3 Tristans following us.  After acting like we were running for 4 or 5 hops, we stopped 70km off the out gate and dropped a bubble.  They warped straight into it and we suddenly did not have any pursuers.


Once we got into V-3, we coordinated with the defense fleet to start the fight with the Phantasms.  We caught what we could, which included at least a couple of Phantasms, a Scimi, Rapier, Broadsword, Eagle, Pilgrim, etc.  Our killboard's report is below, but lots of other stuff died without an Agony member on the killboard:




We then moved across to Syndicate to find an area mostly free from HERO blues.  We tracked down a Flying Dangerous Dominix/Guardian gang, but they ran from our terrifying frigates.  We just caught one Guardian that was slow to run away.  They reshipped into Talwars and Scythes, which is an awful matchup for Hydra frigates, so we disengaged.  After some reshipping, we crossed over to the other side of Syndicate where an Eve University Thorax gang was roaming.  The fight went very well, and over a reasonably long fight we almost entirely wiped their fleet.


That was about it for the significant fights.  We caught a few randoms as we moved back through Placid, including a Sacrilege and Falcon.  


Thanks again to everyone who made it, and please leave any feedback in this thread.




1.       A aron Blake

2.       Abel Shovels

3.       Acid Katelo

4.       Adam Algaert

5.       Ahea Lance

6.       Anton Kazimir

7.       Arch Aengelus

8.       Beat Bandol'r

9.       Biggle Wondersnap

10.   Binary One

11.   Bob Brezhnev

12.   Breakfast Black

13.   Bronopoly Crushingit

14.   Bruce Muutaras

15.   Bryce Sangre

16.   Bug Esil

17.   Carlos Kouvo

18.   caxar DiSosaria

19.   Ceph Silevani

20.   Chagatai Chinua

21.   Charles Shirac

22.   Chiyeung Bonaparte

23.   Cor'mac

24.   Cylic Mithuza

25.   Dan Calais

26.   Dave Korhal

27.   DMagg Jenkins

28.   Dyno Hakori

29.   Eldore Issier

30.   Elessar Galathill

31.   Enfarious Krividus

32.   Farfalla Northville

33.   Felix Alstreim

34.   Ferra Eisenstahl

35.   Fred Niewo

36.   Gerridar

37.   Habar Garemoko

38.   Hakyre Udab

39.   Happifleet

40.   Havok Bonrepaux

41.   Hel Dunrik

42.   Highlord KTN

43.   Ideng Entira

44.   Illindar Tyrannus

45.   Jax Raxis

46.   Jeb Hekard

47.   Jon Hemlock

48.   Kaleph Todako

49.   Kr'All Brinknoor

50.   Krzysztof g00053

51.   Leizee Mentulmidgit

52.   Leonn Trotsky

53.   Lisando Calrissian

54.   Loggerhead Murphy

55.   Lothar Katelo

56.   Lychton Kondur

57.   Magnificent Shrapnel

58.   Malcoreh Vakarhn

59.   Manticore Hunter

60.   Marc Johnson

61.   Mass Doe

62.   Max Reginrave

63.   Mazerin Firenze

64.   MIthrais Athonille

65.   moose Gordon

66.   Mopar Meh

67.   Morioka Ki

68.   Nancy Crow

69.   Nescient

70.   Pachoi Ko

71.   Raynor Oskold

72.   Renik Voss

73.   rockerguy

74.   Selto Black

75.   Shabahitir Erata

76.   Sheeana al-Seyefa

77.   Sir PuppyPunch

78.   SkyBorn Reaper

79.   Sorani

80.   spampan

81.   Suev Raylap

82.   Syriana Luna

83.   Thanneus Ikkala

84.   TheAmazingYant

85.   Thrina

86.   Tiana Makarov

87.   Tkone Green

88.   Tolstoy Pleres-Kai

89.   Trueno Crux

90.   Trystan Twoshot

91.   UnknownSpecialForces

92.   Valid Point

93.   Wolfgang Chupakbra

94.   Yahya Taron

95.   Yaolan

96.   VT Shill