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[Feedback] Private PVP-BASIC class for Brave Collective/Brave Newbies, September 7th/8th, 2013

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#1 Greygal


Posted 08 September 2013 - 04:25 AM

We held a private PVP-BASIC class for members of Brave Collective (Brave Newbies) today.  It was a lot of fun, I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did! Ya'll were terrific!
I will edit this thread tomorrow with an AAR of our roam, once the roam is complete.  I'm looking forward to what I believe is going to be an epic roam!
We love feedback!  Feel free to share your feedback below on the class and roam, good, bad, or indifferent!
Meanwhile, below are the pilots who graduated in today's class.  As we didn't have a signup thread, figuring out who was there for the bulk of the class was a tiny bit challenging - I had to cull your names from the Fleet Manager and fleet chat log - so if I am missing anyone, please just post in this thread or send me an evemail and I will correct it.  Also, if I list you below and you actually were NOT in the class ('cause some of you just hopped in and out of chat a few times!) please let me know and I'll remove you from the list (in other words, be honest!  Although I think I already found all those who weren't actually in the class.)  Some of the people listed below have actually previously graduated from PVP-BASIC, but I list you below even though you are already an alumni because it was just easier to list all :)
We had a terrific roam!  Syndicate was very good to us, giving us numerous nice fights throughout the 5+ hour roam!  Stealth bombers, smart-bombing battleships, caracals, talwars, all kinds of stuff thrown at us - was very good fun!  Ya'll were terrific fun to roam with, can't wait to fly with you again!
Systems we traveled through:
And some video!
  1. Age Musana
  2. Ahri Askiras
  3. Alani Andven
  4. Albrekt
  5. Alric Farhaven
  6. Amlung Musana
  7. Andtol Funaila
  8. Axandrias Darkstar
  9. bacca brownless
  10. Banks Bankerson
  11. bart will
  12. Bassow
  13. bigsid
  14. Brian Link
  15. britgrenadier1
  16. Cam Newtonian
  17. chewwbacka
  18. Chris Altoli
  19. Chrondin Sidmore
  20. Chuck Fiinley
  21. Dana Calliot
  22. Darn Echelon
  23. Dax Mizerson
  24. DeAira
  25. Dealz Orlinard
  26. Depre Isu
  27. Dickson Johnson
  28. Doughworks
  29. DrSpaceUnicorn
  30. Elitesview1337
  31. Evey Valentine
  32. Fidens Risalo
  33. Finnius Mack
  34. Frui Hegirin
  35. Geogaddi Sandison
  36. Gray Arachnid
  37. Hadrian Bridgeman
  38. Henri en Daire
  39. Husain Natinde
  40. Hutam Utama
  41. Jalen Ongrard
  42. Jess Vanqueres
  43. JoeBob Estemaire
  44. Jon Locksley
  45. Kabe Quilan
  46. Kaptin Kr0nik
  47. Kreshta Pserad
  48. Krivio Kirvis
  49. Lani Noobani
  50. logi Skjem
  51. Lychton Kondur
  52. Madison Madeveda
  53. Marcell Nardieu
  54. Markan Mernish
  55. Maru Utama
  56. Marvi Tsero
  57. Max Finite
  58. Merideas Heil
  59. Merkis
  60. Midknight Bomber
  61. Miss Gonzo
  62. Mr Badwolf
  63. Mythic104 Doty
  64. Nimos Endashi
  65. Obir
  66. OriginalName IV
  67. Orion Gaerbolis
  68. Pedro Lumpy
  69. Punkos Anarchos
  70. Raveux Rook
  71. Reciprocity Zero
  72. Remy O'Bannion
  73. Rex Rexter
  74. Roland AdventPrime
  75. Rose Oberhofer
  76. Ryvarant
  77. SaArMaUnS
  78. Sato Kaal
  79. Saturn Return Glacia
  80. Shin Hye Park
  81. Sneaky Spy
  82. Sollan Podiene
  83. Sonmi Anninen
  84. Spectre Imperium
  85. SpookComix
  86. Spring HeeledJack
  87. Thaisa Matar
  88. The Critt Critton
  89. Thunk Reynolds
  90. Tony Filliont
  91. Trona Ambramotte
  92. Velvet Raven
  93. Vermin X
  94. Vikkiman001
  95. Vitus Sklor
  96. Warkra Saukrad
  97. Wilhelm Ormand
  98. Xaelas
  99. xripterx
  100. Yossarian Henkhar
  101. zerphi hirin

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#2 Punkos

  • Pip

Posted 11 September 2013 - 11:58 PM

The roam was awesome. You guys were the most professional I've seen in the game. I will be attending your alumni roam, buying your wolfpack and skirmish class, and plan to defect to you by the New Year! Cheers :ph34r:

ooh an Agony interceptor!  :wub:


:ph34r: but where's the rest of them?