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[FAQ] Signing Up for a Class / Class Accounts

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Posted 24 February 2009 - 01:33 PM

Signing Up for Classes

When is the next class?

Look for a thread at the top of our enrollment forum, usually titled '[IMPORTANT] Class Schedule'.

Classes are scheduled as instructors and administrators are available and in such a way that will not conflict with any of Agony's internal events or other classes that may be scheduled (you will probably never see a separate BASIC and WOLFPACKS run the same weekend).

Generally speaking, we are aiming for two BASIC classes per month, one to two WOLFPACKS classes per month and an ADVANCED class every other month at minimum. This will allow us to schedule other weekends for internal operations, specialized seminars and other events.

How do I know when a class will open?

There is an in-game mailing list called 'Agony PVP Uni'. An announcement will be posted to this list at the same time we post a thread announcing a class in the Enrollment forum.

In order to join the ingame mailing list follow the instructions below:

1. Open your Eve Mail inbox.
2. Click the 'Add Mailing List' button at the bottom of the window.
3. Type in "Agony PVP Uni"
4. Click 'Join'.

This is not to be confused with our public chat channel, "Agony Public".

Ok, I'm looking at an open sign-up thread for a BASIC course! How do I sign up?

If you want to enroll in a PvP University course, this is how you do it. Please make sure that you follow the instructions to the letter, don't try to invent any unique manner of registration and so on. If you do, then you make 10 times more work for the instructors and that annoys us.

Improper Enrollments will NOT be accepted.

Please read and understand this article completely before enrolling.

In order to sign up to and attend a class, you will have to register on the Agony forums. This is required so you can gain access to reading materials for the course, as well as the course specific forum.

When a new class is announced, a new sticky thread will appear in the enrollment forum and will be titled with the course name, date and time (for example, PVP-BASIC - 14th FEB, 0200 EVE TIME). NB that the time will always be Eve server time (i.e. GMT)! The name of this thread will also indicate whether it is open for enrollment:

- A thread with the prefix [OPEN] means the class is open for enrollment.

- A thread with the prefix [PRE-ENROLLMENT] means that the class has been announced, but is not yet open for enrollment (usually the first post the thread will also indicate the date and time that enrollment will open).

- A thread with the prexix [CLOSED] means that the full or enrollment has been otherwise closed. New enrollments in a [CLOSED] thread (with the exception of alumni) will not be accepted.

To sign up to the class, simply post a reply in that thread in the following format:

Forum Name - Character Name (CORP TICKER)

For example:

Azual - Azual Skoll (AGONY)

If you are in an NPC corp (e.g. State War Academy) please indicate this by adding a * after your corp ticker.

Note that you must not use < > brackets or [ ] brackets because they mess up the display of the HTML in the enrollment thread.

If the course has pre-requisite courses (for example PVP-WOLFPACKS required you to have first attended PVP-BASIC) please add a link in your post to the enrollment thread for the course you took.

Paying For The Course (AKA The Fun Bit!)

Once you've signed up in the enrollment thread, the final step is to pay for the course. To do this:

- Open the People & Places window in game.
- Under 'Corporation', search for 'Agony Unleashed'
- Right click the result, and select 'Give Money'.
- Enter the relevant amount for the course (see below)
- In the 'Reason' field, enter the course code from your enrollment thread (e.g. BASIC - 1402090200); make sure this is the first thing entered in this field, since this message will be truncated in the log!
- Click OK!

Please note: Please transfer money from a personal account where possible. If you use a corp to corp funds transfer, you will need to advise the instructor so he knows to look for it!

Standard prices for our three main classes are as follows:

PVP-BASIC: 20 million
PVP-WOLFPACKS: 30 million
PVP-ADVANCED: 45 million

For all classes not listed here, the price will be given in the enrollment thread. Please note that occasionally even one of the above classes may have a special price, and in all instances the price listed in the enrollment thread overrules those in this FAQ.

I have signed up and paid for class, but do not see my name listed among confirmed students yet?

Once class enrollment is closed, our admins with commence working hard on processing all the registrations and payments. Because many of our classes gather 50+ attendees and because our admins have a real life too, this process may take a few days to get completed. So do not expect the enrollment thread to be updated the very next day that you have signed up on it and paid. If you still do not see your name among confirmed students a week prior to the class date, make a post on this forum and our admins will look into this as sometimes mistakes are made when processing payments and registrations.

What ship should I bring to class? / Can you guys tell me if this setup is ok?

Please wait until you have access to the reading materials to start setting up your ships for the class. Reading materials will have a lot of information concerning this, some will be info that you may not have considered, so please read through it before you start fitting and rigging out your ships.

When do I get access to the reading material? / Do I really need to do all this reading?

Full access to reading materials will be granted 1 week before the class. If you did not get access to reading material, make a post on these forums and our admins will take a look at your permissions. Make sure you read through the articles because your instructor and your FC will assume you know the information they contain. If you do not do the reading, you may end up being quite lost and confused during lecture and roam parts and simply won't get as much out of the class as other students will for the same fee.

I'm not signed up on a class. Can I just pay to get access to the reading material?

Unfortunately we do not sell access to our reading material. Honestly though, you need to take the class itself to get the whole picture anyway. Plus it's great fun!

What about my buddies? Is there any way I can make sure we get on the same class?

Unfortunately Agony does not currently offer a buddy system for class signups. Large groups may enquire about organising a private class (contact either SkrewedUp, Spinward Bound, or Christina Bamar if you are looking to schedule one). However, these are exceedingly rare and expensive, and no guarantees are made as to their feasibility, as this will be a decision made on a case-by-case basis.

I've been marked as "Credited", what does that mean?!

Again, don't panic. That simply means that the class administrator has recognized your payment, but you signed up after the class was a) closed, or B) filled. The admin marks you as Credited so (s)he knows you've paid in case a slot opens up or the class is expanded.

Thus, you need to pay attention to the class thread after you've signed up, even if you didn't make it in and are marked as credited. Sometimes people will have to cancel and slots will open up, or the instructor will decide that instead of 40 students, we want 50 or 60, in which case all those who have signed up and are credited will be moved to the student list and perhaps even sign-ups resumed.

Once you are credited, you are free to sign up for any later class of the same type for free (e.g. if you're credited for BASIC, you can only use that for another BASIC). Just make sure when you enroll that you link to the thread of the class you were credited from!

I can't make it to the class! Have I lost my money?

Of course not! Similar to the above, if you're signed up for a class but are unable to make it on the day, post in the enrollment thread and let us know, and you will be marked as credited so that you don't have to pay to take the course at a later date!

Eve University Students - A Special Note

Eve University, as a philanthropic organisation, attempts to maintain positive standings with as many other Eve entities as possible. Therefore, it prohibits students of Eve-U from unauthorised combat in 0.0. As an Eve-U student, you are welcome to attend an Agony class - but you should speak to your Eve-U tutor first, and be prepared to drop out of Eve-U for a day to come to the Agony class.

Corporate Accounts

How do I set up a corporate account with Agony? I want to send a bunch of my friends through your class!

Please refer to THIS THREAD.
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Posted 24 February 2009 - 09:16 PM

If you have any questions, or there's something missing from this FAQ that you feel should be there, please ask your questions in the Q&A thread HERE.
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