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#1 keacte


Posted 14 September 2022 - 10:24 AM

Posting this here for anyone that might be dipping in and out of game, or who may be thinking about coming back!


After Agony shut their hangar doors for the last time, the residual members of Agony namely (myself, Loon, Rom, Silas when he's not too spread out) opened F.U.N. Inc. / Even Better With Friends.


After a few months of reasonable levels of recruitment and some recruitment NPSI roams, we setup the NPSI COMMUNITY GATEWAY which can be found here > https://www.ebwf-eve...e/npsicalendar 


The aim of the FUN inc NPSI community gateway is to showcase some of the best NPSI PVP content creators out there, with the site acting as a springboard for community engagement, cross harmonisation of groups, with the sole intent of promoting variety and visibility of content with the main focus on developing new relationships within EVE online.
We now have 18 NPSI content creators on the calendar 
We've got..
FUN inc / Even Better With Friends
Spectre Fleet
Bombers Bar
Friday Yarrrr!
Redemption Road
CAS combat guild
Fwaming Dwagons
Free Range Chikuns
EVE linknet
Purpetrator Fleets
F.A.R.T fleets
Stay Feral
Overclocker NPSI
The Morgue
The Network
In May 2022 I did a presentation at Fanfest 2022 about NPSI Community Development and Enrichment  also being interviewed by CCP Convict live on CCP TV on twitch.
In August 2022 we were successfully awarded EVE partner status.
​You can also join us on discord too!
The principal reason for posting this is that NPSI PVP is arguably the most accessible no frills, no pressure environment in EVE right now where you can just login, fire up the client and xup for a fleet invite and go out a satisfy your bloodthirst!
Why not give it a try at some point?