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Still Trucking

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#1 Rocinantae


Posted 15 March 2019 - 04:10 AM

Your favorite dingleberry here.
Hey guys. How's it going? I'm still chugging along, still sucking. Still being a filthy casual. Kothar and I are chilling over in Horde. If any of you are still playing come shoot us. Or goons or Init, or darkness, shit just about everyone. I think our home system and the one right next door are the most violent in eve right now. Horde seems like a lost home for wayward nullsec vets. Hell if half of Eve doesn't have an alt in horde I'd be surprised. How does everyone feel about the game now if you're still playing? Do you like where it's at? I don't really like how easy they're making things. But I don't think its that bad. Games beautiful though. I recently upgraded my system and can run max graphics most of the time. I didn't get on the 64bit test but I excited to see how my rig will do. Wish supers and titans weren't everywhere. I was kinda hoping they'd stick to there guns when Phoebe came out and force people to use freighters in null again. Not that I don't mind the haw dread support. Oh, and Corax buff incoming woot.  I'm chilling here at a keepstar imagining the banners have hydras on 'em. Thinking of the old days. I wonder what Rells would think of the game now. They gave him the "kingdoms" he used to talk about. Citadels, ansiblex gates. I wonder what Sever would do with the meta now. I wonder how awesome these horde fleets would be with Agony training and leading them. I keep bringing up rr Vexors and of course tweed. 
Don't play as much as id like still. I've got kids and the rest of life everyone nodding their head about now. My wife got a nice inheritance so money is pretty good. I'm really a lucky bastard, to be honest. The kids are doing very good in school. So everything's good. I'm going to try to make Vegas this year. Hope to see some of you there.
Anyways I was just thinking about Agony and wanted to say hi. Whoever is keeping this site up thanks. It's nice to have a place we can all reconnect every once in a while. 
Fly dangerous.


#2 Arceris


Posted 24 March 2019 - 07:37 PM

I was just taking a look to see if I should come back to eve... looks like Agony has gone dark? Poo. Was hoping to reconnect.

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