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[13 MAY 19:30] Agony NPSI Roam - Corms Unleashed!

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#1 keacte


Posted 10 May 2017 - 09:04 PM

Date: May 13: Agony NPSI Roam - Corms Unleashed!

Staging: Berta VI - Moon 19 - Ammatar Consulate Bureau

Fleet forming: (eve time): 19:30

Start time (eve time): 20:00

Ship Types: Cormorant - they are cheap and cheerful!

•Cormorant: Long range with an MWD



•Frigate Logi (Bantam or Burst) - kudos and mucho respect to those that offer to fly logi!

Recommended Reships: 2

Fleet invite: Roughly 20-30 minutes before the start time we will start asking for X’s in our public chat, "Agony Public" and start sending out invites.

Skirmish and other support ships will be flown by Agony Unleashed.


We will be roaming in both Null-sec looking for anything to shoot!

I am hoping that this will be a fast roaming fleet, so expect to move quickly... so turn off the phone, kick out the cat, lock up the wife etc etc.

Plan on the roam running for at least 2 hours, but this will be relatively flexible dependent on numbers and target availability.

We want this to be a fun environment for both parties so bring a good attitude and be ready for some pew!

What we offer!

•A chance to fly and die in a glorious fire with your fellow EVE players
•Agony style recon reports, and skirmishers.
•Experienced(ish) FC’s
•Agony Teamspeak (TS3)
Teamspeak 3 Address: AgonyUnleashed.typefrag.com:4360
PW: stopsucking
Please connect with your in-game name
•NPSI environment

What we want from you!

•Ready with a doctrine ship [T1 corm or T2 corm]
•A reasonable amount of coms discipline
•A willingness to die in a fire
•A few hours of your time
•One or two reships would be helpful!
•No posting smack in local, this is an Agony rule: The only thing allowed will be “gf” or other cordial things, no smack, no trash, etc.

If you have any questions please drop a reply into this thread

If you have an urgent questions, please hop in the Agony Public channel “Agony Public” in game and see if any Agony members are available.

We hope to see you there!

#2 keacte


Posted 11 May 2017 - 06:32 PM


I will be shipping some T1 & T2 Corms down to Berta in advance, so do not panic, there will be a limited amount of ships available at Jita +15% in the staging system.