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Seems ive brought down another alliance.

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#1 Rocinantae


Posted 04 April 2016 - 01:35 PM

My bad luck knows no bounds. Every time I've left Agony and joined someone else its the end of that alliance/coalition. Not that i'm not secretly giggling at mittens going down. Those of you that know me know how I feel about goons. I feel bad for my fellow corp mates though. They're good people and don't deserve to be victims of the bullshit that has led them here. If you don't know what started all this I could try to explain but its so muddied in spin i'm not even sure. I've seen a lot of bad decisions though. Mostly its down to mittens big mouth pissing people off.  So keep quiet in local like your fc says. People here are bitching about fozzie sov a lot but honestly its just were vastly outnumbered. We were doing pretty good until C02 left. This last Sunday though...whew that was a lot of people. Luckily my risk aversion has kept my important assets safe(and a bit of insurance fraud). That and ive made so much isk up here its ridiculous. Even though weve been cloaky camped 24/7 ive been fine mostly because of lessons learned in Agony. Anyways fly dangerous. Cya in Deklein. 

#2 glepp


Posted 04 April 2016 - 04:44 PM

I'm going to quote Horde local spam here: BETRAYAL GUARANTEES CITIZENSHIP!


How you doin', Roc. Long time. What alliance you in atm?

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#3 Rocinantae


Posted 04 April 2016 - 05:47 PM

Hey Glepp i'm in Space Monkeys corp is Discoverings. I really joined them. They just had the all around attitude and organization I was looking for. We actually have done pretty good. We live(lived) in the entryway to a dead end pocket and have defended it pretty good keeping up the adm's. We usually have the most in fleets as well. But there's been a lot of mistakes at the alliance/coalition I wont discuss in public. But i'm with good people that will end up with their feet on the ground in the end.  


edit. No im not going to betray anyone. Its just not me and that's a rep I don't want no matter who I would be betraying.

#4 glepp


Posted 04 April 2016 - 05:53 PM

I really feel for SMA, glad to hear you're doing ok, Roc. Take care of your guys and remember it's only pixels :)

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