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[CLOSED] PvP-BASIC 19th March @20:00

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#1 Silas


Posted 10 March 2016 - 11:38 PM

Agony Unleashed - PVP-Basic


Newly updated!


The CLASS and ROAM will occur on the same day leaving from BERTA (Berta VI - Moon 19 - Ammatar Consulate Bureau)


Please note: Enrollment for this class is done through a form (linked below). This includes Alumni.

Class signup opens March 11th @1200 and closes March 19th @1600 Eve time


This first run of the revised class is FREE of charge


Agony Unleashed invites players of all levels of experience to our newly revamped PVP-Basic class. We've been hard at work completely overhauling the content of our classes to better suit modern Eve and to provide a more accessible progression for our students. This is our entry-level class and is therefore the first of the new curriculum to be released. As the first run of this class since the revision, we're offering it entirely free of charge!


New to Eve and keen to get straight into PVP? An older player but never been confident enough to try a public roam? Returning to the game and feeling a bit rusty? This class is for you! You'll learn how to survive, participate and have fun in fleet operations and at the end of the class, will know all you need to get involved in any public roam. This could be the beginning of an addiction to Eve PVP that takes you from "hey, this is pretty fun!" to commanding fleets of your fellow pilots.


You'll be taught through a step-by-step approach that focuses on what you need to know so you don't get lost - from joining a fleet, through keeping up with your fleetmates to PVP communication and more. If you've tried to join a fleet before and found it a little overwhelming, this class should fill in the gaps and help smooth the learning curve. At the end of the class section, we'll go straight into a roam through Nullsec and you'll immediately be able to put your skills to use.


Experienced pilots or old Alumni of our classes will also benefit. The class section is intentionally kept lean in order to bring everyone up to speed quickly so we can get out and have fun. We'll soon be out looking for targets with support from Agony scouts. At that point, the class will turn into one of our NPSI roams, which always deliver!

The core topics this class will be covering are:

  • Basic fleet maneuvering
  • Basic PvP mechanics
  • Communication and recon

Future classes (yet to be announced) will cover more advanced aspects of PVP but all will have PVP-Basic as a prerequisite.


Time and Duration: ~3-4 hours including roam

  • Class: Saturday 19th March starting at 20:00 EVE Time. Please try to arrive well before the class is due to start.
  • Roam: On the SAME day as the class, the roam will start when the class finishes. 

Meeting Location: Berta IV - Moon 19 - Ammatar Consulate Bureau


Price: 30m isk FREE


While we normally charge for our classes, we're excited to try this newly revised syllabus and have therefore decided to offer the class for free on a one off basis.


Instructors: Itko

Fleet Commanders: TBD

Maximum Enrollment: 70

Voice Comms: Agony Comms, Teamspeak 3 (TS3)


See the PVP-BASIC Wiki Page for prerequisites and preparation material for this class.

In particular, read through the PVP-BASIC Preparation Checklist!


Note - as with all Agony classes, you should bring your own ships*. Please see below for required ships and fittings and ensure you review the pages linked above, some time before the class!


*There will be a number of appropriate ships available on contracts in the staging system so you should be able to pick something up even at short notice.


Ships required




Please fill out this form to enroll in the class



Feel free to ask questions in this thread





Confirmed students:

1. Akito Apol
2. Akram Haddad
3. Andy von Aideron
4. Boudicca Prasutagus
5. Bryndan Rans
6. Celestial Ascendant
7. charles vance
8. Charlie Silfverfang
9. Chatah
10. Dari Chu
11. Ed Silver
12. Elric Zenith
13. Franky Mquez
14. Friday Baldwine
15. Gandaian Artrald
16. gary linton
17. Ghost Anduath
18. Gilian Lyte
19. hafwolf
20. Hila Aele
21. hodoshi
22. J0rj Lmoz
23. Jason Davidian
24. Jun Mikoto
25. Kades Saito
26. Kale Knillington
27. little nemo
28. Nautilusus
29. Osaka Sun
30. Riel Ra'Dib
31. Roolon
32. Rufus Regyri
33. Senious Khamsi
34. Shelley09
35. Shinichiro Toudou
36. Siet Acoma
37. Silverdust
38. Smed Coelus
39. Something Awful
40. Telinchei
41. Trout Of Justice
42. Venthios Lestaran
43. Victoria Xin
44. Vito Vasquez
45. Arkady Olenard
46. Dirty Sancheez
47. Nathair Nimheil
48. Stan Bridges
49. Rokgod Kamakazi
50. Vincent II




1. Amnesty SayGen
2. DeepBlueMax
3. Deran Francks
4. Drak'shala
5. Gajuith Ka'plow
6. Hasril Pux
7. Jeff Geoff
8. Max Colson
9. Meldgaard
10. Menzo Berrante
11. Mhzentul Lafarius
12. Ramek
13. Tystoo
14. Xena Jax
15. Zack Morris
16. 5pitf1re
17. Deran


1. Akram Haddad

2. Andy von Aideron
3. Celestial Ascendant
4. charles vance
5. Charlie Silfverfang
6. Chatah
7. Dari Chu
8. Ed Silver
9. Elric Zenith
10. Franky Mquez
11. Friday Baldwine
12. Gandaian Artrald
13. gary linton
14. Ghost Anduath
15. Gilian Lyte
16. hafwolf
17. hodoshi
18. J0rj Lmoz
19. Jason Davidian
20. Jun Mikoto
21. Osaka Sun
22. Roolon
23. Rufus Regyri
24. Siet Acoma
25. Smed Coelus
26. Victoria Xin
27. Vito Vasquez
28. Arkady Olenard
29. Nathair Nimheil
30. Stan Bridges
31. Vincent II

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Updated student list

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#2 SayGen


Posted 13 March 2016 - 04:51 PM

+.75 Miss my Agony bros.

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--Victorieux Luxury Yacht kill
--Longest consecutive (5months) TopKiller

#3 5pitf1re


Posted 13 March 2016 - 09:37 PM

+1 on the roam

#4 little nemo

little nemo
  • Pip

Posted 15 March 2016 - 07:36 PM

Hello, This is little nemo from EVE-University! o/


Looking forward to joining the class!  

#5 Deran


Posted 19 March 2016 - 01:14 PM

+1 for the roam

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#6 Silas


Posted 19 March 2016 - 04:50 PM

Signups are now closed. See you all in a few hours...

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#7 Vincent II

Vincent II
  • Pip

Posted 19 March 2016 - 05:43 PM

Hi folks, looking to sign up to this class missed the cut off got told to post here hope that's cool.


Vince o7

#8 Silas


Posted 19 March 2016 - 05:45 PM

Hi folks, looking to sign up to this class missed the cut off got told to post here hope that's cool.


Vince o7


Added you to the list

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#9 Silas


Posted 19 March 2016 - 11:09 PM

Thread updated with graduates. If you feel you are missing let me know. I know we had a few guys show up late etc.

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