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[AAR + Feedback] Dessies Unleashed NPSI Roam

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#1 Xillero


Posted 23 November 2014 - 05:59 AM

Alright, so time for an AAR and write up for Agony's Saturdays NPSI dessie roam. This is a bit long winded, but I figured I'd rather do that then miss stuff. Also, since I'm posting Agony's public killboard, none of the friendly losses will show up, throughout the night we lost an occasional dessie here and there to various things, but only the Camel fight did we lose about half the fleet, so keep that in mind!


First off, let me thank everyone that showed up to pewpew with us, I know Schlummor and myself were honestly expecting around 20 people to show up (which would have been awesome btw), and instead we were greeted with a fleet count at its max of 88....that's kick ass. 4x our expectations is awesome, so I'm really glad all the work behind this paid off. 


Second I'd like to Schlummor for being the main driver for all the behind the scenes work and for this being his brainchild, he just asked my derpy self to FC y'all, so a lot of the prep was done by him. Also to the rest of Agony for showing up in force, y'all did good work, skirmishing was great and so were my dictor pilots (JC that includes you as well even though you're not in Agony).


We opened fleet about 40 minutes before our posted form up, we had about 75 in fleet by the time 21:00 actually rolled around which was great, everyone actually being there early was much appreciated. I finally called for fleet undock around 21:15 ish with 88 in fleet, did a quick redock at another station to settle med clones was in order (I derped and picked a station with no med facility o\). So with that we were off to the races, fleet made it into MHC when my power company decided to swap out a transformer just down the street from me, so lol @ that one. Rev took over the fleet at this point and took the fleet to FD-, since I didn't relog for about 15 minutes, I don't know what happened here, but there were no kills and deaths, so I'm going to go with  uneventful. By the time I do log back in I manage to catch up with fleet and get on a smarbombing Tempest kill, there was also a Sentinel and Nemesis that were caught.


(Would post as 1 BR, but our KB is combining kills that were hours apart)

http://www.agony-unl..._detail/136928/ - Sentinel

http://www.agony-unl..._detail/136926/ - Nemesis

http://www.agony-unl..._detail/136927/ - Tempest


From there we headed to OLTQ because we were told to go there for pewpew, turns out all they had was a small gatecamp where we nabbed one Cerb for the loss of a Stiletto.




Then headed 8V area, had eyes out all over the place didn't find anything ahead of us, but did get eyes on a Camel/Rote/Fearless gang that was about 20 ish strong. Mostly Moa's with a few Caracals, couple Keres, Hyena, and I want to say 3 logi? I decided to take this fight, and we dun got welped. Since Agony was over half of what died, I'm kind of assuming they were going after us first, but I could be wrong, but I do know that we had like 4 FCs in a row get headshot :D. We manged to kill a couple, and then get a warp in on their logi killing 1? (Dont know if we killed more, all I see on our KB though). That was pretty much the only stand-up fight we had the entire evening, so thanks Camel and company! Was fun, if we welp to anyone I'm glad it was this years AT winners, 10/10 would fight again.


http://www.agony-unl...related/136940/ (will add zkillboard BR later)


On our way back to reship we find this poor Thorax among other things, but he was the only thing we could catch.




From here we moved to reship, deciding to go back through TXW way to Stacmon for all the reships that we needed (about half the fleet at this point). Took a bio and headed back out to Syndicate, this time I wanted to check out Eastern Syndi, first stop was M2- area, and then we got intel that there was 30+ in PC9, so away we went. After about 5-10 minutes of baiting and waiting for them to do something, finally a lone Mega lands on gate, and is promptly bubbled. Thus the fight kicks off, it was another smartbombing battleship, so I called for align to sun knowing that there were a number of cloaked duders in system. Sure enough soon as whole fleet is agressed on the Mega a full bomber wing decloaks. We lose 3 ships to bombs and rest warped, come back and kill the Mega; a bit of good luck here was one of our skirmishers warped back from different point and got a bomber decloak, this rapidly turned into 7 bomber decloaks. \o/ 


Final butchers bill was 7 bombers, Mega, Exeq that landed to rep said Mega, and numerous pods. 


http://www.agony-unl...related/136946/ (missing 1 bomber)


Set destination back to FD to see if there were more fights to be had, made it all the way to FD with little to nothing in the way, and then we had a solo BS fly right into us literally speaking, who tried valiantly escaping (2k Apoc is legit, hell yeah) but failed.




Stumbled into the 31- area and found a 10 ish man armor BC gang with 3 logi. Skirmishers grabbed a couple and they decided running would be a good thing to do and left a Cane and Prophecy to die.




I then took us to new hunting grounds in Cloud Ring and our scouts managed to nab a Rattlesnake on a gate, he was split and died after a while, also grabbed shiny pod, woot. Well done to tackle in this case!


http://www.agony-unl..._detail/136952/ - 588 mill Rattlesnake

http://www.agony-unl..._detail/136951/ - 635 mill Pod


From here we roamed into Pure Blind, Fade, and finally Deklein until we ran into a Thanny on gate, who quickly turned into 6 Thannys on gate after his cyno went up. Suffice to say, we turned around after that and headed back to Stacmon. Ride back was uneventful, and we nabbed a Stabber and Comet on our way home.




Managed to make it back to Stacmon without getting derped again which was nice, fleet lasted about 4.5 hours and we finished the evening with 51 in fleet, which was great considering how long we were out for! Was a good time, nice flow of action for the most part (except for our foray into Deklein) which was also really nice. 


TLDR: Fleet was well composed, everyone had a good time (I hope!), got a good amount of kills, had at least one welp, and overall was pretty awesomesauce


Expect these to go up once of month for the foreseeable future! I'd like to continue FC'ing them as it's good practice and I enjoy them, so watch for the next announcement. It will be promoted the same way as this one was, through EVE forums, Agony forums, Failheap, Twitter, E-UNI forums, word of mouth, PVP-U mailing list, podcats, etc. 


I'd also love for people to comment what they liked/didn't like, would like to see changed for next time, comments/criticisms on my FC'ing, how we ran the fleet, etc. Any and all comments are appreciated!


Thanks again for coming out and fly dangerous o7 

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#2 Druur


Posted 23 November 2014 - 08:43 AM

I'll try to keep this short (plus I'll have to dig into my logs for more detailed feedback  :) )


It was good to be on an Agony-style roam again - run a bit too seriously maybe for my current tastes, but it was still a good feeling.


The first hour felt at times a bit rough around the edges, but then people got into their grooves, relaxed, and things ran quite smoothly.


Xill did an excellent job as FC - the primary problem point I notice was the handling of a split fleet. The two times my squad was separated from the bulk of the fleet (reshipping after being podded, jumping ahead as bait), it seemed to me that the FC forgot about us, and we had to take matters in our own hands in order to rejoin the fleet. Also, it was not always clear whether or not to jump through a gate.


But overall, it was a good roam. The turnout exceeded my expectations, and the whole outing reminded me of the Agony of old, when I first dipped my toes into the deep waters of PvP.


I'm looking forward to the next one!

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#3 Jaysen Larrisen

Jaysen Larrisen

Posted 23 November 2014 - 03:19 PM

Great job by our FC, Xillero!


Not a lot to add to the above comments but I will say that it was a lot of fun to have pulled in so many folks for the roam and many stuck through the whole operation...testament to excellent organization and tempo by the FC and his crew of skirmishers and scouts.

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#4 Sonmi Anninen

Sonmi Anninen

Posted 23 November 2014 - 03:36 PM

Video from POV of the APOC pilot:



And a quick plug that the guy's other content is really good, WPE in particular: