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[FEEDBACK] PVP-WOLFPACKS April 20th @ 08:00

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#1 Yamir Ke'Shark

Yamir Ke'Shark

Posted 20 April 2014 - 12:54 PM

Small class, but we had a good couple of fights near the start and end of the roam and a few ganks in between.


Hope everyone had a good run and learned something.


First fight escalated nicely: http://www.agony-unl...related/127808/


Last fight ended up against a large escalation of: Zealots, Sleipnirs, a Nighthawk and more.

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#2 Othran


Posted 20 April 2014 - 07:46 PM

Was fun to actually fly a dessie I like for a change rather than a godsawful arty Thrasher last week :)


The phrase "Deran would get it" has become a bit of a meme in Echo TZ but +1 today for work in geemu-land Deran B)


Hopefully the guy who was asking prior to class (on forums) about droneboats will now see why I advised against using them.


Sorry I missed the Curse end of things after DT, looks like you had some fun.


Small class, best class - always get decent (unarranged) fights.

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#3 Kor Sanyo

Kor Sanyo
  • Pip

Posted 21 April 2014 - 02:55 AM

Oh, I understood perfectly well what everyone was talking about (fast moving fleets may cause you to lose your drones). Caldak certainly does maintain a fast tempo when moving the fleet around, and if you aren't an experienced droneboat skipper (I am), you're very likely to lose some drones. Given the way the roam went, though, I bet I could have brought my Dragoon. There was never a point where Caldak's fleet orders would have caught me with my drones out of position, and believe me I was paying careful attention to that issue. I also picked up a bunch of T2s from the first couple of fights (enough to fill my cargo bay almost). Nevertheless, I enjoyed the Talwar I brought instead of the Dragoon, and got to do some ship scanning for the fleet (which was something new for me). I did regret not having the Dragoon at the end, because it was enemy drones that killed me, and the Talwar's LMLs are worthless for point defense. Those two ACs and drones of my own would have saved my ship (I was aligning to warp away when they finally popped my Talwar).  (shrugs) No complaints though, I enjoyed the Talwar's speed and nice burst damage, and having 51.75km range was sweet.


It was a good roam, and a good class, and even the fight at the end was a lot of fun because we gave as good as we got for quite a while. Between the captured drones I sold off in the station and my insurance, my losses were only a few million isk. I learned a couple of new things, and took two pages of notes. My only question left unanswered after the class was about a comment made in comms, that I may have misunderstood or taken out of context:


"If you agress out of sight of the gate guns, it doesn't matter".


I took that to mean 'the guns can't fire on you if you aren't within their range', but a later comment seemed to imply that it meant 'you won't get an aggression timer' (which didn't sound right to me). I meant to ask about it at the time, but I had to log off and do the holiday-with-family thing.


Comms were very good, only one brief bit where there was some miscommunication between recon and fleet. We were going west between gates and the enemy went east at the same time, passing us in warp (causing some 'that gate or the other gate or this gate' confusion). No losses or major stress resulted from it, and we continued on.


(Also, after DT my wife wandered in with coffee and listened to the comms. She said 'Ohhh they sound like Aussies or Kiwis or something. I could sit and listen to them talk all day.' She had no idea what everyone was talking about, but she loved the accents, LOL)

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#4 Demonwing


Posted 21 April 2014 - 05:07 AM

So with sentry guns in Low Sec, if you attacked someone in an asteroid belt or in a mission in the middle of system. You would of course lose sec status and the other repercussions but if you had to warp off to say station or a gate, the sentry guns would not aggress you. Same if you are on a gate or undock and you aggress someone and take sentry gun aggro you can warp off and lose the aggro of the sentry guns. Hope that helps.

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#5 Corymbi Pavo-Bootes

Corymbi Pavo-Bootes
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Posted 21 April 2014 - 06:09 AM

Thank you for the class.  I find people speak very quickly and I sometimes have trouble hearing everything.  It is not an Agony problem, I have this also with EVE Uni fleets.  I am hoping it is something that will go away as I get more familiar with the commands that are given and gain more experience with PvP, at which I am very much a novice.  I run with, and at time FC fleets, but they are as different to PvP as day and night.


If you would like me to post the kill from last night's wolfpack, for which I was creditied the 'final blow', I believe I need a password to do so.


I think I will follow Cmores advice and try and catch more classes as an Alumni.


Thank you all again your time and patience which are appreciated   :)

#6 Sonmi Anninen

Sonmi Anninen

Posted 21 April 2014 - 02:39 PM


If you would like me to post the kill from last night's wolfpack, for which I was creditied the 'final blow', I believe I need a password to do so.



Actually already been posted (tried to pull from the E-Uni KB and cross-post but was already done).  


As far as understanding the fleet commands, experience helps in a few ways.  One of them is that the longer you PVP the more able you are to predict the next command.  Much easier than having to listen, process, do it, and listen for the next command.


"If you agress out of sight of the gate guns, it doesn't matter".


The following is my understanding as a 98% null-sec player, so other Agony members feel free to correct me if I'm off:


Sentry gun aggression is triggered by an illegal aggressive action and lasts as long as you stay in range of the sentry guns.  If you are out of range of the guns when you aggress, you will not take gate guns when you warp to a gate.  In fact, you should be able to continue shooting at an illegal target if you both warp to a gate because shooting them again will not incur an additional flag.  There are more consequences of this mechanic, such as the ability to illegally aggress on a gate, warp to >150km away, then warp back and continue fighting with no gate guns.  You will occasionally see cans anchored around low-sec gates to enable people to do this quickly.  

#7 sajaK

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Posted 27 April 2014 - 10:37 AM

This is my 5th agony class and as allways it was a blast. I allways learn and make a few msitakes. don't get so close to a demios.  pay attention and warp out when peoepl losoe point on you. yep. cant wait for the next class.