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[FEEDBACK] PVP-Wolfpacks 1st March 19:00

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#1 Gizznitt


Posted 02 March 2014 - 01:58 PM

Please place your feedback about the class or the roam here.


Hope all the students and alumni enjoyed themselves and hopefully learned something new.


From my perspective, the roam went very well.  Fighting started when we moved to MHC to discuss bubble mechanics, where a few targets made themselves available on he Harroule gate.  While we finished up the lecture portion, a vagabond gang came into the area and took interest in us.  They had a couple logistics, while being in kiting, anti-frig ships that made engaging them suicidal.  Under Xilero's leadership, we attempted to split them on the F67 gate by use of aggression.  Alas, they stuck together, essentially being more than we could chew.


After a break, we headed to 31-MLU, avoiding the vaga gang that still wanted to fight.  We managed to evade them (mostly), and picked up a few kills on the way.  Scouts called heavy activity near TXW, so we headed that direction, and rant into a small Geemu group in 5-F.  We made short work of them, but had to quickly bounce as the Vaga gang was close behind.  This is when Gizznitt took over from Xilero as FC.  


We moved down toward TXW when a 80 man RvB ganked group came through the area.  We used a cloaky bubbler to catch stragglers which we made short work of and then warped off to safety before the larger gang could return.  Ganked were planning to engage Brave in lowsec, where Brave would significantly outnumber them.  We followed into Vestouve, where the fight took place at the sun.  Thanks to excellent probing, we continually punted onto outliers in the fight, taking on targets we could kill while avoiding the larger, logistics supported group.  This worked well, and we got to experience the pro's and con's of time dilation.  Eventually, RvB ganked died to Brave, leaving us the lone targets on field.  We made a last kill and got out before they could catch us, only to return and kill the few Brave members that remained on field looting.  Having milked lowsec for a good fight, we went back to 3KNK and took a break.  


After our break, there was a smaller Geemu gang returning through the area, and we setup to kill them in 3KNK.  They didn't fall into our hands immediately, but with some chasing they eventually came into our bubble where we made short work of most of them.  At this point, we patrolled the 8V- to Y-W corridor looking for more targets.  Again, a large Brave fleet game through, and we attempted to pick off stragglers using cloaked dictors and punting, One student suggested we were killing them by 1000 papercuts.  Eventually, the targets dried up or smartened up, and we decided to head to head to MHC and see if we could get one last good engagement before we called it.  


Fates brought us one last fun engagement in FD- on the PF- gate, where we caught a goon Maller moving through.  We almost had him in PF-, but he made it back into FD-, where he was caught in our bubble.  A Thorax and Atron landed to support the Maller, which was finished off by our Heretic despite the hostiles on grid.  This prompted the Thorax and Atron to engage, and a nice brawl broke out as the rest of our gang came into system.  That was when an Ishtar gang landed, and we called to get safe.  Most of our gang was wiped out at this point (mostly mentally), so we headed back to Stacmon via MHC and called it.  


I hope everyone had a fun experience, please post any comments and/or questions about the roam.  




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#2 Kai Ovaert

Kai Ovaert
  • Pip

Posted 03 March 2014 - 06:16 PM

Good summary, fun roam, great class!

#3 mnehila

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Posted 04 March 2014 - 11:41 PM

Had a really fun night! I especially liked that we got to try the punt technique :)