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PVP-BASIC Preparation Checklist

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#1 BluOrange


Posted 12 July 2007 - 04:14 AM

(This is essentially a copy and paste of the same checklist in the PVP-BASIC forum. Reposted here because sometimes access to that forum is delayed.)

This document is intended to help you make sure that you've done everything you need to do to be ready for your BASIC class. You don't have to do things in this order, but following the suggested order should minimise the amount of time that you spend on preparation.

Make sure have correctly enrolled in the class, that you know when it is, and that your payment has been made (either by yourself, or through a corporate account on your behalf).

*Connect to the "AU_PVP_UNIVERSITY" channel
Within your EVE client go to 'channels and mailing lists' and add "AU_PVP_UNIVERSITY" - you'll need to be on this channel during the class, and it can be very helpful when making arrangements or asking for help with things.

*Connect to the ventrilo server
Download the Voice Communications in PVP article and follow the instructions there on connecting to our Ventrilo server. This gives you even more options when it comes to asking us for help. NOTE: If you don't have a microphone, you still need to connect to Ventrilo so you can listen to the class. There is no point in attending if you can't hear the instructor!

*Check your skills
The skills you need to have before the class starts are listed in the enrolment thread for that class. At the time of this document they are:
Propulsion Jamming 1+
* Afterburner 1+
* Caldari, Amarr, Gallente or Minmatar Frigate 1+
* Sensor Linking 1+
* Warp Drive Operation 3+ (yes, we really mean it - you may be asked to warp 200AU, and if you don't have this skill it can delay the movement of the fleet)
* Target Painting 1+
* Weapon Disruption 1+
* Electronic Warfare 1+

*(Optional) Prepare your jump clone
You're going to want a jump clone at Nonni V - Lai Dai Corporation (or at the class location if it is not in Nonni) in time for the start of the class. The pod survival rate in our Basic classes is around 95% - most people don't lose any ships, and most people who lose their ship don't lose their pod. But losing all your implants is something we'd prefer you didn't risk. If you are unable to secure jumpclones without Agony's help, we will attempt to get you to a station in 0.0 where you can set up a jump clone. To do this, you will need Infomorph Psychology I and a shuttle. Ask on the au_pvp_university channel and we can arrange an armed escort for you.

*Set your autopilot for Nonni
Nonni is a reasonably major manufacturing center, and is definitely the best place to buy your frigates so that you won't have to haul them. Other trade hubs in the area are Sobaseki (4 jumps from Nonni) and Jita (5 jumps from Nonni). Torrinos (8 jumps from Nonni) tends to be well-stocked, but it also tends to be expensive.

Note: Not all classes are held in Nonni!

*Start reading the rest of the articles, browse the PVP-Basic forum
The PVP-Basic articles can be found here. Here's the PVP-Basic forum.

*Buy your frigates
Choose one type of frigate that you think you'll enjoy for the duration of the class. Having your class frigates in different types seems like a really good idea in theory, but in practice it tends to be frustrating and annoying. Don't choose a frigate with a mining laser bonus. Don't choose a frigate with an astrometrics bonus. Don't choose an assault frigate, interceptor, or stealth frigate - they require different techniques to fly than a tech 1 frigate, and we won't be covering those techniques in this class. We usually don't use target painters in the BASIC class, so don't choose a Vigil.

Once you've chosen a type of frigate, buy at least two of them, three if you can afford it. Five if you're planning on making a regular habit of travelling into 0.0 or lowsec with the classes.

*Buy afterburners
Each of your frigates is going to need an afterburner. For certain frigates, this doesn't give optimal combat performance, but it's the right choice for most frigates. There are a number of training exercises where the instructor will say "turn on your afterburner" - not having one means you miss out on some of the educational value. Don't buy or fit microwarp drives, when we say 'afterburner' we mean 'afterburner'. If you feel like fitting named, t2 or faction afterburners, then go for it. Just remember that in 0.0, the real question is not 'if' you lose your ship, but 'when'.

*Buy midslot and lowslot items
Have a look at the recommended modules for BASIC and try to collect the full set. If you've chosen a frigate that gets a bonus to ewar modules (Crucifier, Griffin, or Maulus) make sure you have all the modules from the collection that you get a bonus to using. (Tracking disruptors, ECM varieties, or sensor damps, respectively.) As with the afterburners, feel free to get expensive kit if you can afford to lose it.

*Buy highslot items
The midslot items are vitally important to a hydra fleet, so you buy those and make sure you can fit them before you look at fitting weapons. Be aware that different midslot items require different amounts of CPU - don't be afraid to use lighter-caliber guns to make sure you can equip your ewar. (If you're loaded with cash, consider buying a mixture of gun calibers so that you can maximise your punch once the ewar is finalized during the class. Similarly, named modules can help, if you can afford to lose them.)

*Buy ammunition
400 rounds per weapon should see you through nicely. If possible, bring an ammunition type that gives you an optimal range around 9km, and as an ammunition type that gives an optimal range roughly equal to your frigate's fastest circular orbit.

*Gather everything at the class location
Careful here - there's more than one Lai Dai station in Nonni. Most classes are in Nonni but not all! So check. Also, some classes are held on the test server. If your class is based on the test server it will plainly say so in the booking thread.

*Fit out your frigates and insure them
Set up your frigates with identical fittings in every slot and get the platinum insurance on each. During the class, you're reasonably likely to be asked to change your fittings around, but you may as well make certain that there's at least one configuration that works.

*Set your medical clone to the class location
In the unfortunate event that you do get podded, waking up 50 jumps away from the class would ruin your evening.

*(Optional) Finalize your jumpclone arrangements
You're going to want the clone with all your implants to be in some other station, so you can use an implantless clone for class.

*Configure your overview and your graphics settings
Follow the configuration instructions that are a part of the BASIC course material. Yes, you really do need to turn off your sound and effects, and you really do need to set up your overview so that you can't see anything beyond the essentials. If you don't do this and you're lucky, your overview will be cluttered and you might cause a friendly fire incident. If you're unlucky, your client will crash when you jump into a system full of hostiles.

[/list] Congratulations, you're ready to attend BASIC!


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#2 Jin Darius

Jin Darius

Posted 20 February 2008 - 03:09 PM

For point 4, the link to Tonto Auri's evemon skill plan is broken. For point 7, the link for 'PVP Basic Articles can be found here' does not link to any articles. In addition to the link provided in point 10, you may also want to provide a link to http://www.agony-unl....php?content.26 You may also want that article to be linked from the Wiki/replicated in the Wiki too, I haven't found any Wiki links to it in the PVP Basic materials.
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[link=http://www.agony-unleashed.com/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?64508]BASIC-2302081900[/link] | [link=http://www.agony-unleashed.com/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?70928]WOLFPACKS-041920081900[/link] | [link=http://www.agony-unleashed.com/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?70929]ADVANCED-050320081900[/link]

#3 Spinward


Posted 20 February 2008 - 05:01 PM

Jin, If you have registered for a PvP Basic class, you access the articles through the WIKI under Public Services, Classes and Seminars.
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#4 Bamar


Posted 20 February 2008 - 06:10 PM

It has now been wikified linky and hopefully all fixed up. Let me know if there are any issues with it. Will leave this thread open for a bit, then unsticky and lock since it's outdated.
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#5 Jin Darius

Jin Darius

Posted 21 February 2008 - 01:21 PM

Thanks Spinward, its what I'm doing already :) I've been looking a lot at the materials so far, I just figured Agony wouldn't be reading over all the old stuff and realising which links have been broken in the site overhaul. Thanks for putting it into the Wiki too, Bamar!
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[link=http://www.agony-unleashed.com/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?64508]BASIC-2302081900[/link] | [link=http://www.agony-unleashed.com/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?70928]WOLFPACKS-041920081900[/link] | [link=http://www.agony-unleashed.com/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?70929]ADVANCED-050320081900[/link]

#6 desolair

  • Pip

Posted 19 December 2008 - 03:17 AM

It's less than 24 hour before the class starts... Could you grant access to BTECH members for the course materials. Please let me know ASAP if you still have issues with our corp account. Thanks. ------------------------ Permission error The action you have requested is limited to users in the group ensign. Return to Main Page.

#7 Silas


Posted 02 February 2009 - 07:11 PM

I am registered for the upcoming PvP Basic class but can't seem to access the relevant wiki material. I'm sure it's already in the works, but I just wanted to make sure since I am very busy on weekdays and I'd like to avoid having to rush through the material at the last minute :D

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#8 Baka Lakadaka

Baka Lakadaka

Posted 02 February 2009 - 11:30 PM

Access is normally given one week prior to the course (normally on a Friday, but it depends on the Instructor's timezone and schedule). We want to give you time to read it, but not so much time that you forget it.
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#9 Silas


Posted 03 February 2009 - 12:16 AM

Well OK then... guess that'll have to do :)

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