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[Feedback] PVP-BASIC December 27/28th, 2013 @ 19:30

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#1 Jeremiah Cole

Jeremiah Cole

Posted 29 December 2013 - 12:36 AM

Was a great class and roam with some of the best cloak discipline I've ever seen, and great work by our logi pilots. To top it of, two hot drops in 24 hours and we got to witness a huge battleship fight!

I hope everyone had fun and enjoyed themselves!

Please reply with your feedback about the class and roam, we'd love to hear it!

#2 Kai Ovaert

Kai Ovaert
  • Pip

Posted 29 December 2013 - 01:53 AM

Thanks to Agony for another great class.  I could have done with some more fighting in the roam, but perhaps word got out that we were around, eh?  Glepp was a great FC, and after the Goonswarm hotdrop, it was a great show of Agony's transfer of command between Glepp and Greygal getting things rolling again quickly.  The logi folks did a top-notch job.


What could be done different?

  1. Overall, fleet comms were excellent, but there were a couple of non-Agony folks who could have done with a PG-13 reminder to clear the channel.
  2. I could have used more direction on when to start shooting - call "primary" etc, loud and clear and often!
  3. Pre-reading should be updated to include links to the flashcard site, and place more emphasis on learning ships types


I will certainly come back as an alum to the PVP Basic - I'd like to try out some of the "traditional" fits as compared to the "new" fits Agony spec'd for this class; also, I'm a covops guy at heart, so I'd be happy to learn a bit more about scouting. 

#3 MaxGreene

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Posted 29 December 2013 - 04:58 AM

I truly have no words for how great I found this class and cannot wait to come back as an alumni. Well wait a sec, its me and I never lack words...


Let me give some more detail by saying I am a huge skeptic in real life, in Eve, everywhere and I will not lie, I had low expectations because I didnt know what you guys did or were about but the price wasnt bad so I signed up, even paid for a friend to take it with me. Then I started asking around and got really good feedback as to what to expect so excitement built as the day came closer.. I even came to the public channel asking questions and Jeremiah simply said if I didnt find the class useful, free T2 ship of my choice. Now that shows conviction, at the least in my book.


Well I learned so much and the lecture part was not just informative but engaging as well, I would imagine its quite easy to drone on about this stuff for people who know it as well as the Agony folks but they didnt. They presented it in a way that was interesting and helped it stick for me.


Onto the roam, OMG! This was a blast, the behind the scenes setup and stuff was pretty amazing to experience for me since Ive never been in a real fleet before. This one was run incredibly well, organized, and has set a bar in my mind that other FCs in Eve may not be able to match easily in the future. You guys make the setup look so easy and do a great job in trying on the fly to make us understand whats happening. Thanks again for a great class and experience.


Anyone thinking about taking this class, its worth 5x what they charge people for it.

#4 Caldak


Posted 29 December 2013 - 06:35 AM

For those that stuck around to the end. we really just ran out of DPS. The Thorax hot dropping the BS on us, nice we enjoyed it but just not enough on field.

The 2nd Battleship/Loki/Exq that we had, again just not enough to cope with those neuts. All in all some fun. Aftr taking for ever to finish the ratting Harbinger off was also good.

Hope it was worth the extra hours push.

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#5 Guest_Kubetz_*


Posted 29 December 2013 - 01:07 PM

I am more than happy with both days of PVP BASIC course.


Theoretical part was very clearly explained and all the questions answered. I liked how we went through bookmarking, dscan, recon, fleet etiquette at the end of day 1. Roaming part on day 2 was very well done - you AGONY guys really know how to work together and interaction between skirmishers and glepp and later Caldak was worth taking notes of :). Too bad that we were really low on numbers at the end - I wish we had 40+ members like at the beginning and things would've been very different in those last 2 fights. We also got very unfortunate (read "some of us (incl. me) were inexperienced") with keeping the points on targets. I plan to join future BASIC classes for sure to experience this level of cooperation again and get more practice :).


My proposals for the future:

  • Mention in prereq-s that students should have some ship knowledge and/or link some site that summarizes that nicely. I was not really prepared for the part discussing EWAR priorities as a new character that had no idea he should look it up and there were some more of us. That part just fell quite advanced compared to the other material we were learning.
  • I liked how there were exercises for reckon, bookmarking, etc. I wish there was also a little d-scanning exercise included too. For example: FC will warp us to a certain spot in stacmon (or somewhere close) that has quite a few belts / moons in the d-scanning range and one AGONY member hides somewhere there with an obviously named ship and we will have to figure out where by using the range and angle of the dscan. I know we were short on time even without an extra exercise, but it would be great :).
  • Some members were a bit overwhelmed by the tempo of our movement in nullsec and were often left behind and bit shy to speak up. It would be probably helpful if we emphasized at the start of the roam that they shouldn't stay quiet just to die to random gate gamp  and maybe had one member checking map (with fleet member info turned on) from time to time to make sure we don't have students in different system.

Thank you again for the great class! :)

#6 Othran


Posted 29 December 2013 - 01:07 PM

That was getting embarrassing towards the end, slowest Harbinger kill I've ever been on. I'm sure we killed stuff faster on GG's newbie ship roam at the start of the year :D


Dead on my feet near the end, wasn't expecting it to go that long.


Enjoyed flying the Hyena (with a mwd, not AB) which surprised me as I've always hated it before. We live and learn....

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#7 glepp


Posted 29 December 2013 - 03:34 PM

Was good to teach a class, been a while. Thanks for listening to us drone on for four and a half hours.


The roam was decent, not the best we've had for PVP-Basic, but we did get some kills at least. I'm a bit sad we didn't get at least one proper Good Fight™ though. Mind you, this is from the perspective of us showing you a good time, not class performance. Class performance was excellent.


We started off from Stacmon with 8 logi frigs, about 50 in fleet, 10 of which was Agony support, so i reckon we had about 35 dps ships. A bit light on dps, but not too shabby.


First kill was an E-Uni gatecamp in 6-C where we managed to nab a Harbinger but missed out on a Vexor Navy Issue.


Then we proceeded towards PC9 where there were about 30 in local. They eventually formed up 8-9 Talwars to fight us, but fighting Talwars is tricky and you need to get very very close, so we let them go for the time being. Scouts reported a small gang in 97X and we headed over. Our excellent skirmishers were able to catch a Cynabal, Tornado and Thorax, and through some on grid warps, we killed them rather quickly. http://www.agony-unl...related/119828/ The Cerberus is from a bit later, our skirmishers managed to split him apart from his gang.


A bit later again, we got a couple from his main gang and also had a small fight with the Talwar gang from earlier: http://www.agony-unl...related/119842/

The Talwars came in at about 100km from us and skirted around. Jeremiah got 100km behind them and we warped to him at 100, landing us right on top of the Talwars. Talwars are hard to hold down, but thanks to Hyena webs, we managed to grab a couple, kill them and then get another warpin and klil more. This went on about 3-4 times until they were mostly dead. GFs were exchanged. The fleet performed admirably during this fight, good discipline and good warpins. Logistics really showed its value and several frigs were pulled back from half hull.


We took a quick bio and headed up towards western Syndicate were scouts reported a gang of 30 Harpies pestering Ev0ke. On the way, we ran into a 5 man Goon gang, and through lack of FC paranoia, we got ourselves caught and hotdropped. http://www.agony-unl...related/119868/

I decided to make a run for it, but looking back, we probably should have stayed and fought, taking a couple of them with us. Oh well, you die and learn.


Went to Stacmon to reship and then headed up towards 31-MLU where the harpies had been spotted. Sadly, they were gone, but we got to witness a 200-man sov scale battle instead. Hope it was enjoyable. We got some unfortunate pods that decided warping to the sun was a good idea.


We tried to head up towards Cloud Ring, but scouts reported the way being blocked by 180 goons and friends, so we headed back down to lower syndicate again, grabbing a lone Sleipnir on the way: http://www.agony-unl..._detail/119854/


After this, we headed to Stacmon for reships, and glepp had to call it a night, so Caldak took over.


Was fun FCing for you, hope to see you again for another roam.


I'd love some feedback on how the students and alumni experienced flying with logistics. Was it too much to think of, was it manageable or what?

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#8 Thumzs

  • Pip

Posted 29 December 2013 - 08:58 PM

 I have been playing just shy of 2 years now. Starting with extreme interest the 1st year "exploring and Missioning". But never making into true pvp situations. Just after my 1st year of being in EVE I started to loose interest and with RL was finding it hard to get to the side of EVE I really wanted to check out "PVP". I tried catching classes a few differant times but was unsuccesful and ended up loosing interest for about 4 months. When I resubscribed, I made it a mission to get into one of Agony's PVP classes. "Had heard nothing but good things about there coarses" And was succesful :). Finally getting to see PVP fleet situations and some good lessons about the basics. Needless to say it's convinced me to stick around in EVE and truely enjoy this game and I thank you all for this.


  From the class to the roam it was a great experience! You all did a great job in describing things and taking the time to show the people that didnt quite get it at 1st. Glepp and crew where very strategic on getting us fights and managing the fleet! I was only able to participate for the 1st hour and a half, but got plenty of action. Being involved with 7 kills :). I look foward to getting into more of your classes.



 Too anyone considering joining Agony's PVP classes! I strongly suggest it!

#9 Trig

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Posted 29 December 2013 - 11:17 PM

Agony PvP University are extremely professional.
Both the class and the roam were excellent.  Glepp and the other FC’s were fantastic.  
I’m positive it’s been said before but… it’s the best 20mil I’ve ever spent.
If you want to learn to PVP, you’ve found the people to learn from.


#10 turtle1921

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Posted 30 December 2013 - 12:18 PM

This was the first roam for me with agony as an alumni, and yet again learning more each time.  Formed in stacmon with a larger fleet than my first, around 50.  This time we had designated logi which is great up until the hotdrop from goonswarm.  Good to see they are out their to teach the newbies the ways of null.  Again higly impressed with the organisation and communication within agony.  Scouts do a tremendous job.  Skemishers are fantactic also, the use of TAM's in a few engagements was imperiative to victory.  Glepp cordinated it all very well, in a job that must sometimes like herding cats.


Big thanks again to agony, see you in a few days for wolfpack

#11 SOD8

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Posted 30 December 2013 - 01:36 PM

Thank you all for a grate experience:) I must admit I was a bit skeptic going to class, due to my previous experiences with PVP in Faction Warfare (FW). I tried to get into PVP early on and thus joined FW. However the fleets I joined in FW was mostly Blops, with text coms only = You die allll the time. So after 14 deaths and no kills, I decided to change strategy, drop out of FW for a while and get some professional help:)


And WOW what an eye-opener it has been to take this AGONY PVP-Basic class. You get the feeling right from the start, that nothing is left for chance e.g. with the fleet balancing and fleet setup. What I found most enjoyable to experience though was the fight tactics as we entered 0.0 from which I learned the importance of; clear Recon calls, strategic positioning of Bookmarks, Interceptor tackles and most impressively the in-fight mini-warps, bouncing forth and back over the enemy. Ohh so THIS is what fleet warfare looks like! I will definitely be joining another class at a different time.


In terms of constructive critisism I don't have much. I could second Kai Ovaert in that, it was not alway clear when to attack, so if the order Attack! "Enemy name" was incorperated in the voise coms, you might be a few secounds quichker on the target. And like others have mentioned, a little more info on what ship types are consideres primary (and why), could also be nice. That was it.


Thanks again to you all.

#12 Syphurion

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Posted 02 January 2014 - 04:41 AM

Jeremiah Cole, Glepp and team - thank you very much for taking the time to provide this class. I had a great time and learned alot. I still have alot to learn and will be taking more classes but I came away with a great understanding of basics, what to practice, and no longer conerned about speaking up or losing ship ;-)


I really liked how different people coverd ifferent section - that helped break it up and flow better. The support team of recon and skirmishers where amazing - I cant wait for the next class.


I rcommend this class to anyone looking looking to have fun with EVE PvP!