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WH hopping

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#1 Sancho


Posted 22 October 2013 - 03:55 AM

I go through a WH or two and presto, I'm in Stain null sec farther into the Eveverse than I've ever been.
Unit 1 > holy shit, a wormhole led me here 60 hops from my home system. who are you folks and what do you do here?
Unit 1 > ???
Unit 1 > well, you guys are a hoot, stay thirsty
I go into a WH and decide to chat in local
Unit 1 > yo yo yo anyone home?
AverseDOOMS SHIP > no
Unit 1 > lol this WH hopping sure is fun
BBQ PorkRamen FlyingDuck > until you stumble into a c6 hole camp
A few more holes and out into null sec again I'm in Etherium Reach again in places I've never even been close to
Unit 1 > so u folks way out here mostly do PvE stuff? Must be awesome isk...
Rebul > We mostly knit socks and raise money for orphans
Unit 1 > sleeper stuff and gas mining, I imagine?
Cid IV > I don't know what you are talking about, but I do have soup kitchen management to 5
Rebul > We're not here to make isk, we are here to make friends
Unit 1 > :) I'm just hopping around using my newly discovered WH exploration skills. Don't mind me, but I admit to having lots of fun hopping around all through the eve verse. I was just in Stain and now I'm here in Etherium Reach. Totally cool.
commander aze > just so you know you are not in a wormhole your in null sec not sure if you knew that
Cid IV > you make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside <3
Unit 1 > <3 right back at you.
Cid IV > come to the station and dock, we have warm milk and cookies
commander aze > and blanets wormholes can be cold...
commander aze > blankets
Unit 1 > toodooloo, I'm off to bring in the 50 man Legion Fleet.
Rebul > Oh dear!  Put more cookies in the oven, Cid!
Unit 1 > =P
Cid IV > I don't know if i have enough chocolate chips!
commander aze > FIRE UP THE OVENS
Unit 1 > cookies do sound good...
Unit 1 > Oh well... Back to Syndicate. Have fun fellas, there's really no fleet coming
Navaja Valkraes > o/
Rebul > Whew!
Cid IV > :(
commander aze > o/
Unit 1 > \o
EVE System > Subspace communication beacon unreachable. Channel list unavailable.
EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Vylade
That was fun...

Fight them, sure.
Fight to win, always.
Just don't be dicks about it, as usual.