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Rubicon Marauders in PvP - BSC ideas

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#1 Talos Djuran

Talos Djuran

Posted 09 October 2013 - 11:05 AM

1) Sentries assisting TP Golem

First I'd like to consider the Golem, which keeps a very nice TP bonus, and gets EWar immunity like other Maras.

The basic idea is to have a fleet with a Golem as anchor, bastion mode, running XLASB (multiple, if possible, and passive resists ampli).

An Hoarder in the fleet will carry loads of booster charges and will drop them on top of the Golem.

Most of the ships in this fleet are supposed to be drone boats, carring sentries (wardens/curators/gardes).

Sentries should be deployed behind the Golem and set to assist it, while the droneboats should just orbit the golem.

The Golem will TP targets and attack with assistance of the sentries.
It can't be jammed, and it's gonna take a while to take it down, especially with a huge supply of booster charges.

This might work well in combination with an un-scannable bouncer.
Basic idea is to setup a un-scannable ship in the fleet whose sole purpose is to warp off immediately and provide an unscannable safe. Once that ship is at an unaligned safe, it can just pick a direction and keep drifting with the AB on. Fleet members, when targeted, can bounce to this fleet member and then immediately back to the anchor, reconnecting lost drones and assisting again (this doesn't require any lockin, so it should be fast).

I'd suggest a very early bouncing with the main purpose of getting untargeted (wasting the opponents locking time).

This isn't a very dynamic fleet setup, once you setup this whole thing you're committed to the fight.

It would also be a good idea to have a few bubbles rolled on top of the opponents, so they're not going anywhere anytime soon.

One of many disadvantages that comes to my mind is the Golem's locking time, and I wonder if remote sebos are still considered "remote assistance" and not allowed while in bastion mode.


2) Remote rep marauder logi.

As for the previous idea, we're using a Bastion mode marauder (probably any would do, but some might be preferable). This anchor should be running cap boosters (XLASB for self rep) and its highs should be filled
with remote rep modules. As for the previous point, the rest of the fleet should have long-range fit and should be orbiting the anchor. It might be a good idea to have the golem just repping the logi ships, tanking for them.


Some other BSC idea I was considering is using marauders with bonused MJDs for attack TAMs.
being able to jump 100km every 54s isn't that bad, especially if the rest of the fleet can warp to you at range.

I even wonder if there's some trick that can be used for warp-ins using jet cans and tractor beams, maybe in combination with a fast guide or MJD ships.  

I know, most of this stuff is very situational and hardly doable, and probably not really Agony's style, but I hope I gave you something to think about.