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[CLOSED] PVP-BOMBERS - July 26 - 1600 EVT

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#126 Caldak


Posted 04 August 2008 - 09:39 AM

My Feed Back. Yes, lost my Bomber due to been a little Fuzzy at 6am in the morning with the class starting early OZ time and been a nite shift worker in RL just didn't get the zzz in that I should of. Part of the course and EVE game. Loosing the 2nd one hitting a gate camp not knowing the local Intel and systems that get camped, call it bad luck. I set destination, followed the golden Star gates.. checked the Map to look for kills in that last 1hr. Win some lose some. I learn't alot and even more important it was fun. Yes it might have been better here and there, and we could of gotten more lucky with the hunts. But thats what it is folks when you mix up alot of people. I want to come out with knowledge of something I wouldn't normally be doing in EVE and with that end I did get something useful. Give the man his due's it's not the easiest thing on earth breaking in something new. 2 - 3 classes down the track and all the bugs will be ironed out and it will be a very sort after class. Looking forward to there 2nd run of the course, got a Bomber all ready and waiting.

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