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#176 DaDutchDude


Posted 06 August 2013 - 07:04 PM

Elise Randolph of PL wrote a nice AAR from their pov on kugu, but now also published on TMC.

"As always, speak softly and carry a big stick."

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#177 Rynnik


Posted 06 August 2013 - 09:47 PM



You guys are all amazing - just got back in town and haven't really had a chance to process it all.  More to follow when I do, I am sure.  Anyways, great work.  So sad thinking about all the theory crafting arguments I missed by being an away loser.


So proud that you guys let me fly with you for a couple years.  You all rock.


#178 Sever Aldaria

Sever Aldaria

Posted 07 August 2013 - 01:55 PM



 We were definitely in the groove for the Agony match — opting to take a high-DPS Tinker-buster team. We didn't see a Tinker from Agony and instead saw a team that was shockingly strong — but unluckily for Agony it was a variant of the baseline setup that we tested against extensively. The match may have looked a bit close, but the outcome was decided as soon as the two teams met. Still, an incredible showing from Agony who would later turn out to be arguably the Cinderella story of AT XI.
 Agony, who had eliminated HUN and Rote Kapelle after losing to PL the previous week, were looking strong. PL threw one of our most dominant control teams and ended the Agony Cinderella run. PL always seem to face off against the Cinderella story teams — last year it was against the surging RvB team — and it's always bittersweet to eliminate them. Still, Agony were one of the strongest teams in ATXI and deserve props.



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Local dropped by one

#179 Gizznitt


Posted 09 August 2013 - 05:05 PM

We posted a public AAR on EvE-O today...   


Hope you enjoy it, and any feedback is welcome.  

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#180 Jysella


Posted 09 August 2013 - 05:21 PM

Loved the :smug: over the "innovative" tinker setups. :D
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#181 DaDutchDude


Posted 09 August 2013 - 06:56 PM

Nice AAR man :)

"As always, speak softly and carry a big stick."

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